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by The 11th Hour Author


Thank you for taking a copy of this booklet. Feel free to redistribute or copy this for non-profit only. Please do not alter any of the contents.

Chapter 1

Planet X is Real

What is Planet X or as the Sumerians called it Nibiru? Planet X as we call it today is a planet that is four times bigger than earth and much denser. It is part of a rogue solar system that orbits our sun on what some say is a 3657 year orbit, and it has returned.

First weíll begin with some historical documentation indicating that this has happen before. Then on to the photographic proof. After all, why prepare for something if there isnít any evidence that it will actually happen? Just a note on being prepared first. Even if after reading this material you have no belief in Planet X, there is always the possibility of a tornado, earthquake, flood, drought or terrorist disruption of goods and services, or even a plague. If your old enough to read this, you know that this can happen. Do you think that the government will step in and save you? Just ask the people who were stranded after hurricane Katrina.

Now the book that has the most historical reference to Planet Xís prior visits, is the bible. Other people have suggested this also, so I donít pretend to be the first. It will just be presented in a differently here, because the purpose is to be of help. Not fill a book and put on a nice cover to make a profit. Lets begin with the Flood story (poor Noahís crazy building that ark-just like the author here for writing this). What caused all that flooding? And every culture on all continents has a flood story. Today we have the polar caps melting and thereís even warming on other planets in the solar system. So the melting thatís going on is more than just mans doing. What I suggest, is that during the flood, Planets Xís red dwarf sun(Nemesis?) came close enough to entirely melt the polar caps. Today if our polar caps were entirely melted, water levels would rise 200 to 250 feet. The bible also says that all the waters were squeezed from the depths of the earth. This was most likely due to gravitational pull from Planet X and itís sun. The heavy pull on earths crust most likely produced tsunamiís in coastal areas, which were now further inland due to the melting. Now we can see why it is said the entire earth was flooded. It was, by one means or another. This does not mean that the entire earth is going to flood again, but it does suggest one would not want to be living in a coastal area. It would be best if one were located at least 200-300 miles inland and in an elevated region. Keep in mind a mega tidal wave is not the same as a regular one.

So the great flood was the first documented visit of Planet X.

Next we have exodus. Note: This is my abbreviated translation of the plagues not a word for word-see the bible for that. The 1st PLAGUE-describes a rod that turns into a serpent and turns the waters red. Fish die, people are afflicted if they drink the water. This happens during a 7 day period. Planet X is trailing a red dust cloud- which is shown in the photos to follow. I believe this to be iron oxide-as this material best fits that description. If enough of this were to fall to earth, it would certainly turn the waters red, be hazardous to fish and be undrinkable without treatment. The 2nd PLAGUE has frogs fleeing the river and going into peoples houses and fields. Apparently they left the rivers too late, because it then says they die in large piles and corrupt the land. During the 3rd & 4th PLAGUE there are flies or fleas who bite/sting both people and animals. The 5th PLAGUE kills all the field animals. The 6th PLAGUE produces boils on both men & animals. So basically the dead frogs cause a large number of flies or fleas. These proceed to bite animals and people. Now on to the 7th PLAGUE , which was thunder, hail fire, and lightening which kills all in the open. It also destroys trees and plants. Planet X, along with red dust, may have larger hail sized debris. The 8th PLAGUE brings a burning wind that lasts all day and night raising locusts that ate all remaining plants, then a strong wind blew them into the red sea and they were gone. The locusts were most likely produced when the red dust stuck to their legs and irritated them into transforming from grasshoppers to locusts. Very high winds are predicted by many as Planet X passes-as high as 400 mph. The 9th PLAGUE brought 3 days of darkness. The earth will be gripped by the strong gravitational pull of Planet X as it passes at its closest, and the earth will come to a full stop for 3 to 7 days. One side of the earth will be in darkness during that time and the other in light. The 10th PLAGUE was the death of the first born(of Egypt) by the destroyer. The story ends with the Hebrews being lead by a pillar of fire by night & a pillar of cloud by day . The pillar moved behind them & blocked the Egyptians. A strong wind blew all night & divided the sea, the pillar flung the chariots into the deep . Once again we see the very high winds being predicted as Planet X passes.

Next are the photoís. They were taken with a regular digital camera, on the east coast of the US. Anyone can take their own. Point the camera at the sun, donít look at it for more than the half second it takes to find the sun. Youíll need your eyesight among other things for the days ahead. It might take a few tries. Then upload to your computer. It may be necessary to load in a photo editing program to reduce the glare from the sun or should I say suns. Someone recently commented about the excessive glare during sunset . My response was ď Thatís because thereís 2 sunsĒ. Well of course they thought I was crazy . At least until it comes closer, moving out from behind our sun and everyone can distinctly see 2 suns. Iíve also had people claim the planet X solar system in the photos is just sun glare. Well thatís fine too.


So thatís it for the photos. Lets go back to the bible, this time looking at revelations. Once again this is not going to be a word for word, and Iím not trying to rewrite anything. This is my take on what is given and what it may mean. My feeling is that much of it is describing the effects of Planet X.


1st SEAL-A Man on a white horse with a bow is given a crown (the color white & the bow are a symbol for victory)

2nd SEAL-A man on a red horse is given a large sword (red symbolizes blood & the sword war)

3rd SEAL- A man on a black horse holding a scale. A measure of wheat and three measures of barley for a denary(ten-fold). (A crop plague or drought causes food to be priced 10 times more)

4th SEAL-A man whoís name is death (Hades-Greek god of death) on a pale(sickly) horse. The inhabitants of the underworld accompany him. They bring the death of 1/4 of the earth by war, famine, disease and wild animals.

5th SEAL- Predicts the coming death of gods followers.

6th SEAL-There is an earthquake, the sun is blackened, the moon turns red, and there is fiery hail. Every mountain and island is moved from its place. All men hide in caves or under rocks on the mountains.

*God marks his chosen 144000 people

7th SEAL-There is Ĺ hour of silence in heaven. Gods 7 messengers are given 7 Trumpets. There is thunder, lightening and an earthquake.


1st TRUMPET- Hail, fire, and red ash pours onto earth.(red dust from planet x) 1/3 of the trees and grass are burnt up.

2nd TRUMPET- A large fiery body falls into the sea. 1/3 of the sea turns red, 1/3 of the oceans life dies and 1/3 of the ships are destroyed.

3rd TRUMPET- A large fiery star called wormwood falls onto the land. 1/3 of the waters are poisoned and those who drink them die.

4th TRUMPET- The earth has only 3/4 brightness during the day.

5th TRUMPET- A large burning body falls to earth and splits it open. The pit of the abyss(hell/inner earth) is opened, black smoke emerges, the sun is darkened and locusts come forth. They do not harm the plants, but sting men like scorpions. They remain for 5 months. Their leader is Abaddon(destroyer/ angel of the bottomless pit)

6th TRUMPET- Four messengers who are bound at the Euphrates River are loosed.(The Nephilim-giants with superhuman strength) They have been made ready to kill 1/3 of earths people. They have 20 thousand horsemen. The horses heads are like lions and out of their mouths come fire, smoke and brimstone(brimstone missile-guided missile used to destroy armored vehicles). The horsemenís breast plates are made of fire, jacinth(jacinth is a zircon & can be made into zirconium oxide which is highly refractory & is used in nuclear reactors due to itís ability to absorb neutrons) and brimstone. Their horses tails are like serpents and with their heads they inflict injury.

*gods 2 prophets die by the hands of the beast from the abyss and are left in the street for 3 Ĺ days. They then come back to life and are taken into the heavens(back to their mother ship?) There is an earthquake at that time killing 7000 people in Egypt. The prophets resided on earth for 1260 days (3 yrs, 5.5 months). Their powers include being able to strike down any human who would harm them, stop the rains, turn water to blood,and cause plagues.

7th TRUMPET- The heavens open and the ark of the covenant is seen. There are voices, lightening, thunder, earthquake and hail.

*A woman has a child who will rule the earth. The dragon pursues but can not catch them. Then the beast(anti-christ) with 7 heads and 10 horns with crowns on them arises. Itís heads have names of evil on them. The dragon gives the beast his throne. One of the beasts heads is killed and comes back to life. This causes people to worship it. The beast makes a war that lasts for 42 months(3 yrs & 6 months). A false prophet comes up out of the land. It perform great miracles and makes people worship the beast or perish. The number or name of the beast is required for all people to buy or sell.


1st PLAGUE- Sores or ulcers appear on the body of those with the beasts mark(verichip type implant-your emotions, health, and perhaps even thoughts will be controlled with this device)

2nd PLAGUE- The sea water is turned to blood and all creatures in the sea die.

3rd PLAGUE- The water of the rivers and springs is turned to blood.

4th PLAGUE- The sun burns people with its heat(solar flares)

5th PLAGUE- The beasts kingdom becomes darkened(solar flares take the grid out and planet X stops the earths rotation for 3 to 7 days, causing darkness on one side of the earth)

6th PLAGUE- The Euphrates river is dried up. Then the dragon, the beast and the false prophet bring the of kings of the earth together for Armageddon.

7th PLAGUE-There is lightening, thunder, and worst earthquake ever seen.(The science world estimates that the worst earthquake to date, was 13 on the richter scale, caused by the YucatŠn Peninsula impact) Islands vanish and mountains disappear. Hail stones as big as 100 pounds fall from the sky.(when Planet X finally grinds the earths rotation to a halt, the plates crash into each other causing massive earth changes)



Now to connect the dots. Below is a comparison of what happened in exodus the last time solar system X visited us and what revelations says will happen this time.



1st PLAGUE-the waters are turned red, fish die, the water afflicts those who drink it

2nd PLAGUE- the sea water is turned to blood and all creatures in the sea die

3rd PLAGUE- Water in the rivers and springs are turned to blood

3rd TRUMPET- A large fiery body falls onto the land and 1/3 of the waters are poisoned







6th PLAGUE- Boils appear on both men and animals

1st PLAGUE- Sores appear on the body of those with the mark



7th PLAGUE-Thunder, hail fire, and lightening kill all in the open and destroy trees and plants

1st TRUMPET- Hail fire, and red ash pours onto earth. 1/3 of the trees and grass are burnt up



8th PLAGUE- A burning wind that lasted all day and night raised locusts that ate all remaining plants

5th TRUMPET- Stinging locusts are created from the smoke and dust



9th PLAGUE- 3 days of darkness

5th PLAGUE- Darkness falls over the land



As you can see there are many similarities. The difference is that what happens in revelations is more severe. The time frame that most people are giving for the first earthquake is anywhere from 12-21-2012 (this of course refers to the Mayan calendar) to 2-2013. Yes, revelations does mention three large earthquakes. One that occurs at the sixth seal, with an aftershock one half hour later at the seventh seal. Number two is with the seventh trumpet. This may occur in the 5-2013 to 8-2013 time frame. The third one occurs at the seventh plague, after the one called the beast is in power for three and a half years. So this would take us to the 2016-17 time frame. Planet X has such a slow orbit that it is possible for earth to get caught it it's grip more than once, as it circles out to leave.

The plague of locusts is due to last 5 months. Since the locusts will be after people instead of plants, be prepared to stay indoors for a long period of time and have protective clothing if you need to be outside. A further thought about these creatures. Could they be some type of genetic or robotic experiment that escaped from a lab? This is the description in the bible. "And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months" What kind of locust looks like that, and attacks people like a killer bee. And if it doesnít eat plants what does it eat? Maybe what its stinging?

So what are we looking for as a start to all of this? Perhaps some kind of large war or famine. There is a passage from a middle eastern prophecy which is interesting. ďThere will be three hard years before the Dajjal (antichrist). During them, people will be stricken by a great famine. The first year, the sky will withhold a third of its rain, and the earth a third of its produce. In the second year, the sky will withhold two thirds of its rain, and the earth two thirds of its produce. In the third year, the sky will withhold all of its rain, and the earth all of its produce. All hoofed animals will perish, except that which Allah wills.Ē

Another reference to time frame in revelations states that gods prophets reside on earth for 1260 days (3 yrs & 5 months), before the are killed by the beast from the abyss. This occurs after the sixth trumpet. That would make their appearance on the scenes anywhere from 1-2010 to 3-2010

Needless to say it's best to get working on a survival program. The time is very short. Fit in the time for your family and do some of the things you really would enjoy now. Later will be too late.

Chapter 2

Preparing for Planet X

As with any good plan, we start with the basics. The first item of business is location. Where do you live? If you already live well away from the coast and are not next to a river, you should be safe from flooding. Away means 200-300 miles from the ocean and in an elevated region. Think of the earth change maps and youíll get the idea. If you havenít seen them go on line and do a search for them. If you live near a volcano or Yellow Stone Park, expect something like Pompeii . You wonít survive lava and ash, your not safe there.

As for earthquakes, no one will escape these and they will be off the Richter scale. So donít plan on being in your home, it will fall down on you and there will be no emergency services to help you out, because this will be global. Once again the 7th PLAGUE is lightening, thunder, and the worst earthquake ever. Islands vanish and mountains disappear. Hail stones as big as 100 pounds fall from the sky. So there will be GIANT hail stones. This means it would be best if you are not standing around outside. What do you do then? Revelations mentions people hiding in caves. It doesnít say if they survive though. Lets look at it this way. Insurance companies donít insure masonry homes in high risk earthquakes areas, because they crumble easily. Now do you want to be in a stone cave during an earthquake? The government has their secret underground bases that theyíve stocked up with our tax dollars for themselves. They plan on going there to be safe when solar system X gets too close. All I can say is they better be very deep or they will be entombed. One would have to be below the earths crust to escape the earthquakes, which is between 19 and 28 miles thick. Another issue which will come about due to the earthquakes is the failure and meltdown of nuclear power plants. Please donít be very close to one of these facilities. After the earthquakes the power will go out and for a very long time. What will happen when the power plants backup power runs out? It will have a melt down. But most likely this will have already happened because of the earthquake damage to the entire structure.

What can you do then if remaining in a standard home is not possible? The best idea Iíve heard is to purchase an old metal shipping container -the kind used to transport cargo over seas , bury it leaving just the door on the side open. Be sure thereís about 12 feet of earth on top. You can have your supplies and yourself below ground during the hail storms and earthquakes. Unless your unlucky enough to have one of the 100 pound pieces directly hit you, this may do the trick. Also be sure not to close any door to the container that opens outward or you could find yourself pinned inside. Do be sure to have a shovel with you in the event you need to dig out afterwards. The used containers run a few grand, so if this is beyond your budget. The next best thing would be to dig a fallout shelter ditch. Basically itís a ditch covered with 2 Ĺ feet of dirt. The roof is made by laying wood or metal support beams, then covered with corrugated metal, with the dirt going last. My concern with this method is that with the earthquakes being so extreme, it could cave in. Other ideas include burying ones vehicle or an old travel trailer. If you have money you could also buy a monolithic dome home. They are supposed withstand earthquakes and high winds, which are also expected. My guess is that they would not hold up to the type of hail storm expected, so they would also require burying.

Another item of concern will be large brush fires, caused by a number of factors. There will be gas main breaks due to the earthquakes, fiery hairy, volcanic activity. With this in mind, you will want to make sure the place where your setting up is cleared of as much brush as possible.

A final note on location. The more people that are around you after a major disaster occurs, the more danger that you are in. Even the most polite neighbors may turn out to be anything but. Do not make the mistake of telling other people where your safe location with all of your supplies is. People that are unprepared, will be looking to take whatever you have by any means possible. The most remote locations will be the best ones to be in for at least 6 months to a year after the catastrophe.

Now that you have an idea of where you should be located and how you might best shelter from the worst of it, we will move on to supplies you would want to have. The first item is WATER. You will last no more than a few days to a week without it. Have as much stored as you reasonably can. You can try storing the water in plastic containers, but they may burst in strong earthquakes. Stainless steel may work better. If the property your on has a well, you may be all set. Just be sure you have a hand pump system as a backup for when the power goes out. Your well may be damaged in the earthquake however, so have a backup plan. If you donít have a well, once the stored water runs, out you will need to collect more water and have a way to purify it. It would be ideal if you could be located with in walking distance of a stream. If this is not possible, rain water can be collected in pales or by using tarps. Now comes the tricky part. Making it safe to drink. Remember the 3rd PLAGUE- ďthe water in the rivers and springs are turned to blood.Ē Planet X is trailing a debris cloud of iron oxide, which will be the hail and fiery dust that reigns down on the earth and cause the oceans and waters to turn red. It will also make the water undrinkable. In addition to this, there may be radioactive fallout, if one is down wind of one of the power plants that melted down. Youíll have no way of knowing this, so just assume that your water has the worst of everything in it, because it probably will. The old campers method of just boiling the water or using chemical tabs isnít going to do it. These methods will not remove heavy metals, chemicals or radioactive fallout .

First step- you will need to treat the water for radioactive particles, and this should also get some of the metals out. Iíll give 2 methods here. Number one, is to dig up some clay soil. Donít use the first 4 inches of top soil, as that will also be contaminated. Put one part soil to three parts water into a bucket. Stir it up until all the dirt is floating in the water. Let the dirt settle for 6 hours. Carefully dip out the clear water on top.

The second method would be to take a large container, turn it upside down and punch around 12 holes near the center of it. The fill the bottom of the container with 1 inch of stones. Next cover the stones with a piece of cloth. Old towels will work fine for this. The cloth should be cut 3 inches bigger than the size of the container. Next put in a layer of soil-remember not to use the first 4 inches of top soil. Use about 6 inches of compressed soil. On other words press it down so that it is compacted and will act as a proper filter. Then cover the dirt with a cloth and secure it with a few stones. Suspend the container on sticks over a larger tray to catch the strained water. The filter rate should be about 1 quart every 10 minutes. If not the soil is not compressed enough. After about 13 gallons has been filtered, the soil will need to be replaced. Be careful handling the used soil for either method, it should be treated as toxic waste.

Second step-filter the pathogens, chemicals and metals out. While you can buy really great filtration devices that will do this, once the replacement filters run out, your out of luck. What is needed is a non electric water distiller. One that you can put on top of your wood stove. Distilling will kill the pathogens, and remove the remaining metals from the water. It is also possible to distill water using solar distillers. The reason it is not suggested here, is because a solar distiller does not work without any sunlight. Due to the large amounts of red dust and volcanic ash that will be in the air for some time, one should not depend on any device that uses solar.

The next topic of importance is FOOD. A years worth is ok, even more is better. If you donít have the cash for a years supply, get what you can afford, and build up from that. Donít forget your pets. They will need to eat too. Start now while itís still on the shelf at the food store. You donít want to be looking at the tree in your yard and wonder if it would make a good meal. It is best to have a canned and packaged supply of the foods you usually eat. Put the newest dates to the back of the self, so that nothing is wasted. In addition, have freeze dried foods, for long term. They have shelf lives up to 10 years. Donít forget the lids for the freeze dried foods, they do not always come with them. Also you will need a manual can opener. The electric one isnít going to work. Salt, sugar and spices will also be impossible to find later, and have a very long shelf life, so stock up now. Wheat flower does not have a super long shelf life, but one can purchase containers of vacuum packed whole wheat. This will also require a grain mill to grind the wheat into flour for cooking. It would also be best to stock some vitamin-c, along with multi vitamins, as processed foods are somewhat lacking.

Have a supply of fish hooks and line, so your able to catch some fish. Just in case revelations is wrong and the iron oxide hasnít poisoned them all. You should also learn how to set traps for other small game and how to properly clean them. Some people have also suggested that bugs are a good source of protein and can be cooked up. Perhaps the 5 month plague of locusts will be good for something. Hope I donít get that hungry though.

Another item you might want to consider is storing some non hybrid seeds so that you can attempt to start growing a few crops for yourself. Start a garden in your yard now for practice. As far as any large scale crops, you will need to join up with a community of people for this. It would be difficult if not impossible for an individual or very small group of people to make it through the after years by themselves.

None of the food and water will do you any good if you happen if freeze to death. So next we will discuss HEAT, which also will include cooking and shelter. During the time the earthquakes are occurring, I would suggest as many layers of clothes and blankets as it takes. If you try to use a woodstove or propane heater, you may find yourself and your supplies in flames. Even after the initial event, there may be aftershocks lasting for months afterwards, so always be alert for this possibility. Once solar system X has passed. You will want to have a large tent for you and your family. One that is designed with a fireproof pipe sleeve, that can be used with a portable camping woodstove. The tent should have zippers so that all doors and windows can be sealed. Remember the locusts. Furthermore, fly and mosquito populations will greatly increase during the warmer months, due large numbers of decaying bodies lying about. If you are with a larger group of people, you may want to consider prefab buildings that can be quickly assembled by a few people. This can then be outfitted with a larger woodstove.

Aside from heating the tent, a woodstove can be used for cooking food and heating water. Some stoves even come with attachable ovens. Be sure to have cleaning tools to clean the wood stove, and an ax to cut fire wood. Note: if you are going to have any type of propane stoves, oil lanterns, fire extinguishers, or items of a similar flammable nature, be sure they are buried separately and far enough away from you during the earthquake event and stored separately afterwards if not in use. As a backup for the woodstove, you should learn how to build a camp fire. You will also want to have some waterproof matches, lighters, and a fire steel or magnesium fire starter. And as stated before, the sun can not be relied on, so forget the solar cooker. You can bring it, but donít expect to use it for the first year or maybe even years.

Another important item in keeping warm is clothing. You will be living outside, maybe for some months in the cold. The clothes you wear to the office are not going to keep you warm or dry. Outdoor clothing should be in 3 layers. First a base layer

of a material that will keep the sweat off of you so you donít freeze. Coolmax is an example of this. The middle layer is of course for warmth. Fleece, bunting, wool are an example of this. The top layer if its raining or snowy needs to be waterproof like gortex for example. For shoes youíll want a good pair of hiking boots and some snow shoes depending on the area. Socks should be a wool blend sock for warmth with a base layer type sock for moisture underneath. Youíll want to have waterproof gloves and a hat. Stock up on underwear now, there wonít be anyone manufacturing any afterwards for a long time.

For sleeping, a cot and blankets, or a sleeping bag and a mat will be needed. It would also be best to have a personal mosquito net for sleeping, just in case they get into the tent. Remember, there will be no hospital to treat malaria if you happen to contract it.

Another important item is LIGHTING, and power. The best type of portable lighting I feel will be the wind up lanterns that require no batteries or replacement lights. They are not very bright because they have led lights, so buy as many as possible. Rechargeable lanterns are not a good choice because they require a source to recharge the batteries. Since the sun can not be counted on, forget solar chargers. Wind powered charging may be possible if the wind is blowing or even bike powered charging, but eventually the batteries will no longer hold a charge and need to be replaced. Who knows when this will be possible. You can use candles also, but they do pose a fire hazard with possible aftershocks or if you have pets or children.

I do suggest a wind turbine, bike powered generator or both. Have the battery of course for it and when it dies you can still hook up to the items you want powered directly, if they run on DC. Marine suppliers sell DC powered appliances. Check it out.

Now for a general list of other items you may need. Add or subtract to this based on your needs.

Fire arms or mace

Gardening tools or greenhouse if in a larger group

The hand tools you already have at home

Two 5 gallon plastic buckets & washboard for laundry

Clothes line & clothes pins for drying laundry

2 plastic bins for washing dishes in, dish rack

Extra plastic utility buckets

Plastic or metal pitchers and bowls for washing

Large bag wash cloths-no more paper towels sorry

Lots of soaps-laundry det., hand soap, shampoo, dishwashing liquid-you wonít enjoy making soap, so bring as much as possible.

Lots of toilet paper-when this runs out youíll have to use wash clothes & soap.

Plastic trash bags

Fly paper

First aid kit

Cue tips

Lots of toothpaste & toothbrushes-dental care will be up to you

Hair brush and comb

Portable camping toilet

Wet wipes

Camping cookware, plates utensils-no glass, it will shatter in the earthquake

Camping furniture- table, chairs, etc

Emergency break lights

Sun screen/bug repellant

potassium iodide tablets-for radiation

Radiation detector

Hunting knife/ multi tool

Tarp/plastic/duct tape- for various uses

Nylon rope

Nail clippers

Sewing kit with extra thread & needles

Dust masks/respirators-may be needed if the red dust becomes excessive

Goggles-red dust protection for eyes

Work gloves

Canteens, stainless steel water bottles

Pens/pencils & paper

Books on gardening, hunting, survival, schooling, etc.


Dust pan and brooms

Baking soda, vinegar, cooking oils

Pet supplies

Backpacks-in case you need to hike

Cleaning rags-lots

Bike, spare tires, tire patch kits

Rain barrels if with a larger group


Extra eyeglasses

Barter items

-The 4th seal is disease- Here are some non pharmaceutical aids to fighting viruses- Lomatium dissectum. MMS. Elderberry. Colloidal Silver. Garlic. Green tea. Astraglus. Ginseng.

Any thing else you believe you will need. Keep in mind that there will be no large electric appliances available. You will need to wash your clothes and dishes by hand. Sweep the floor by hand. Cook your food without a microwave and not be able to refrigerate any leftovers. You will have no TV or internet, so you will want to have as many books and board games as you can bring.

If you donít already reside at your ideal location and it is a second residence, keep all of these items in plastic bins so that they are ready to go. Itís best to assume that you may need to leave with only 15 minutes notice. Ideally, you would want to keep as much of your supplies at the second residence as possible, because if you need to continue on foot, it will only be with what you can carry. Remember, the final sign after the red dust and hail is the 3 to 7 days of darkness or daylight. This would be cutting it close though. You really want to be there before this. If your vehicle breaks down or the roads are impassible for some other reason it might take days, even weeks to walk the rest of the way.

The final advise is be sure to take care of yourself. Have the proper sleep, eat the right foods, exercise. You donít want to be run down when #@% hits the fan and you donít want to be unprepared. Donít become overwhelmed by all of this info or the short time frame. Although there is no guarantee for anyone, even the best prepared, do the best you can. If youíve read this, you canít say no one told you. You can say you did not believe it or did not think you would make it anyway. Thatís your choice. Hope this was helpful. The 11th Hour Author











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